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General assembly

The DiVA consortium's highest decision-making body is the general assembly, which consists of one representative per affiliated member. Each member participates in the annual meeting as a contracting party, is responsible for budget decisions and has overall strategic responsibility for the consortium. Ordinary meetings are held once per year with the library director at Uppsala University Library chairing the meetings. The repository manager for DiVA is co-opted at the meetings and the Library is responsible for the convening and for meeting notes.

The following issues should normally be considered at the meeting:

  • The steering group's annual report
  • Determination and approval of financial statements
  • Framework decision for the following financial year, with target description and decision on financial framework
  • Decision on membership fee and distribution of fees between member parties
  • Election of steering group
  • Election of nomination committee
  • The management's annual report


  • Eva Agius, System management DiVA
    E-mail: eva.agius(a)ub.uu.se

  • Questions about publications in DiVA?
    Please contact the university or the institution where the publication was produced.