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An important purpose of DiVA is to disseminate research and other publications openly available to the outside world, open access. The basic idea of open access is that all publicly funded research should be freely accessible for everyone to read and use. About a third of the content in DiVA is published in full text with open access.

To facilitate self-archiving of publications, DiVA provides support for adding an automatically generated cover page with bibliographic data, information on version (post or pre-print) and link to published version. It is also possible to specify that a file should only be archived or hidden, or published openly at a later date (embargo).

When publishing in DiVA, the author retains the copyright and the public's use is regulated by the copyright law. By providing the work with a special license, e.g. of the Creative Commons type, an author may grant users the right to use the work within a wider framework than what applies under copyright law.


  • Eva Agius, System management DiVA
    E-mail: eva.agius(a)ub.uu.se

  • Questions about publications in DiVA?
    Please contact the university or the institution where the publication was produced.