About DiVA

Publications in DiVA are disseminated and made available digitally to the outside world. There are about twenty different types of publication in DiVA adapted for their specific content, e.g. article in journal, dissertation, book, dataset, chapter in book, conference paper, artistic output, report and student thesis.

DiVA portal

DiVA portal is a common finding tool for all publications that have been registered and published with each DiVA member. For each title in the database there is bibliographic information, usually an abstract and in several cases a link to the full text where the work is published.

Publishing locally

The publications in the DiVA portal have originally been registered and published in the local DiVA database of one of the 50 DiVA members. Publications that are found in the DiVA portal can therefore also be found in the local database via a local search interface:

If you have questions regarding specific publications or other questions concerning the content of DiVA, please contact the university or the institution where the publication was produced. If you have questions about DiVA's management or administration, email diva-support (at) ub.uu.se

Last modified: 2022-02-11